Time flies incredibly fast! It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my room writing my first post and trying to come up with a title for my blog. And now, it’s been more than three months. Pictures, audio interviews, videos – in total 13 posts over this period of time.Well, I won’t be long now – just want to shortly summarize my journey, and say that I truly enjoyed it. And hopefully you, my readers, enjoyed it with me!

I decided to write about AUBG and life upon graduation because it seemed very interesting to me, and also relevant to every person in our class. While researching my topic I met many interesting people and heard lots of great stories. Along the way I received valuable advice and guidance on how to have unforgettable time in college and succeed upon graduation.



One of my favorite advising quotes is by Monika Evstatieva, AUBG class of 2005, who today is the Associate Producer at National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered. “You don’t have to follow everyone else’s path. Create your own life and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself,” says Monika.

Graduating AUBG seniors and alumni of our university shared their experiences in getting enrolled into grad schools, finding jobs back at home or in a foreign country, and making the right decisions in general. Read following the links my previous posts.

To summarize all I learnt over the semester I made a short video that you can watch below. Please do so, I promise you that those three minutes won’t be wasted!

As the semester is about to end, this is my last post for this year. If the world doesn’t end by the end of December – I promise that I will write more next month 🙂 Because my blog is on a topic that is infinite. There will always be new stories to share. Life beyond AUBG can’t be described in some 13 posts.

For now, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas in advance. Be safe and enjoy the holidays!


AUBG Short Film Fest

  1. Aida Kentassova
    Don’t miss the AUBG Short Film Fest! Opening night is at 6 pm at the BAC this Friday Nov. 23!

Open House Day at AUBG

For two months already I’ve been blogging about where different paths take AUBG graduates over the years. Everyone’s  journey is unique, and destinations vary, but each story starts the same – with the acceptance letter from the Admissions Office of AUBG. And this is what I want to relate this post to – to the Admissions Office of our university, to its function, and to some of the people who work there.

I was lucky to have a camera with me on Friday, November 16th, when I was passing by the Balkanski Academic Center (where the Admissions Office is located). Why lucky? Because that was the Open House Day at AUBG, and before I could understand what was going on I found myself lost in the crowd of young people who came from all around Bulgaria and near-by countries to explore AUBG. So, as a curious person and a devoted journalist, I took out my camera and joined them.

Prospective students had an opportunity to tour the entire campus, learn about the admissions procedures, attend real classes, and meet with some of the current students and staff and faculty members. One of the people in charge of the whole process was an AUBG graduate of 2012, Svetlana Bondar, who currently works in the Admissions Office. Svetlana agreed to give me a short interview and tell me more about the Open House Day, and about the Admissions Office itself, about her duties there, and what she likes the most about her job. Check out the short video below to see how the campus tour went, and to hear what Svetlana told me.

Now, a few words about Svetlana. A pretty blue-eyed Russian blonde, graduated from AUBG in May 2012 with a major in Political Science. She started working in the Admissions Office as a work and study student during her last year at AUBG. She enjoyed it and decided to continue working there upon graduation too. So far, she’s done several tours around Russia and Ukraine, telling many different young people about the lovely place called AUBG and motivating them to start the application process to get enrolled and become a part of our AUBG community. During the Open House Day, Svetlana was answering the prospective students and their parents’ questions, and said it was a very busy day. She said she was pretty sure this was one of the most crowded Open House Days from the past few years at AUBG.

Well, read more about the Admission Office at our university’s website, and you can always contact Svetlana, or anyone else from the Admissions Office with your questions via email or by stopping by the office, which is on the first floor of the Balkanski Academic Center.

Go Computer Science

Computer Science is among the major programs of studies that AUBG offers to its students. It is a fast-growing field that attracts a lot of people because of its potential for making an impact and changing lives. Almost everything in the world today depends on technology, therefore Computer Science program offers a wide array of career opportunities to its students.

Today, I would like to introduce you a couple IT companies founded and run by AUBG graduates. Most of the founders of these companies have completed a major in Computer Science and/or Informational Systems.


  • Founded in 2002 by Vassil Terziev, Svetozar Georgiev, Boyko Iaramov, and Hristo Kosev
  • 6000 employees and 11 offices around the world – in Boston, MA; Houston and Austin, TX; San Diego, CA; Sofia, Bulgaria; London, UK; Munich, Germany; Winniped, Canada; Sydney, Australia; New Delhi, India
  • Main business – Developer Tools, Agile Project Management, Automated Testing Tools, Web content management

Melon Inc.

  • Founded as Melon Technologies in 2003 after merging of Weblang (founders: Krum Hadzhigeogiev, Valentin Velikov,  Anguel Anguelov) and Adventure Studios (founders: Antony Ivanov, Vassil Dimov and Stanislav Angelov)
  • More than 130 employees and offices in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • Main business: Custom built software and new media solutions for desktop, web and mobile; development and marketing mobile productivity and business solutions; development of components for websites

Netage Solutions, Inc.

  • Founded in 1998 by Krasen Draganov and Dilian Pavlov
  • Headquarted in Sofia, branch offices in Watertown, MA, and New York, NY
  • Main business: software applications for financial institutions

As you can see, a lot of computer geniuses with AUBG diplomas reached highlevel of success after graduation. Don’t know how about you, but to me it seemed quite impressive. Out of curiosity I decided to talk to a current AUBG senior who is majoring in Computer Science. Rovshan Nazarov agreed to share how he feels about graduating from AUBG with a major in Informational Systems and Computer Science. Rovshan said that even though he had great four years at AUBG, the liberal arts education didn’t give him everything he was looking for. as he was required to take a lot of general education courses and could focus on his majors that much. However, Rovshan is eager to continue his education after he graduates from AUBG in May 2013, and he thinks that AUBG gave him the foundation, and now it’s time to go into deeper and more specific learning of the world of the modern technologies. Listen to the overall description of the Computer Science program at AUBG, and find out why Rovshan decided to major in it in the video below:

Happy to be a part of AUBG

It’s been two months since I started my journey in the so-called “world beyond AUBG.” Two productive and fun months, I would say. Everything went according to the plan, as intended in my first post. I have talked to AUBG alumni from different backgrounds, and also to some of the current AUBG students; I’ve heard many curious stories and interesting opinions. It seems like now is the perfect time to summarize what I’ve learnt so far, to make some conclusions, and to try to answer the question what comes after the four years of hard work and rocking parties at AUBG?

As graduating AUBG seniors say, first and the most important is to decide what you want. It’s not easy, but when it comes to your senior year in college you must gather all your thoughts, remain positive no matter what, apply all your knowledge, decide what you want, unite your brain and heart, act as if it were impossible to fail, think twice before making a decision, and along the way enjoy yourself. Read more and listen to some advice by Abdulgani Baydildayev and Shekera Muradova in my previous posts.

From all the interviews that I have conducted, I conclude that AUBG alumni chose different paths upon graduation: some remain devoted to their AUBG majors, yet some try something new. Some graduates return to their home countries, while some pursue other degrees and find jobs abroad.

“I really want to work in Brussels in the future, but I am aware that some prior work experience will be required for that. So, when I heard about the opening at AUBG, I thought that this would be a really good starting point for me,” says Venera Nikolaeva, AUBG class of 2009, who is currently a publicist in AUBG PR office.

Talking to so many different people helped me to disprove the common stereotype that AUBG is a business school. Yes, business administration is the most popular major program at AUBG, but this doesn’t mean that business is the dominating sphere that AUBG graduates chose to work in. Being an artistic person myself, I was very happy to find out how many creative and aesthetically developed people graduated from our university and are now working in various aesthetic fields. Film directors, radio producerspoliticians, publicists – these and many more professions are currently practiced by AUBG graduates all around the world. While each of those people has a unique story and is devoted to a different field, all agree that the path to the true success may be full of twists and turns, but positive attitude and diligence is what it takes to reach a satisfying outcome.

“You don’t have to follow everyone else’s path. Create your own life and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself,” says Monika Evstatieva, AUBG class of 2005, who today is the Associate Producer at National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered.

In conclusion, I have prepared a short video, which tells what makes AUBG so special, and how AUBG prepares its graduates for the outer world – the life beyond the classroom. Check the video out below:

Well, dear readers, I hope all this time you’ve been enjoying reading my blog just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it! My journey is not over yet; I still have a lot to share with you, so stay with me and learn more about how to succeed in your life after college in my next posts.

I remember the first time when I saw a promotional poster of AUBG on the door of the American Councils’ Office back in Ashgabat, my hometown – two cheerful students in graduate caps in front of the main building of AUBG, holding diplomas in their hands, smiling and waving at the camera. It was my senior year in high school at that time, so I was curious about any universities and colleges, and especially those that had the word “American” in their names – simply because I’ve always wanted to study in an American school. So back to the story: I saw the poster and thought, why not to do some research and find out a bit more about this beautiful place with model looking students. After searching the Web, I came across the online edition of AUBG Today magazine.  I was amazed by the professional layout of the magazine; the content seemed very serious and interesting and the pictures were breathtakingly beautiful. In other words – it was a very nicely done promotion. If at that moment somebody had told me that a year later I would be working for that magazine, I would’ve thought that person’s crazy. Well, two years passed, and right now I am in my room in the dorm of AUBG, holding a new issue of AUBG Today, and I see my name among the writers on the first page of the magazine. Now, I don’t mean to boast or to vaunt myself; I just wanted to tell you the story of how I found out about AUBG 🙂 And my point here is that AUBG has a great PR (Public Relations) team. And today, I am happy to introduce you one of the head members of the PR team of our university, Venera Nikolaeva, who is an AUBG alumna ’09.

Nikolaeva double-majored in European Studies and Political Science, and also completed a minor in Economics. Besides academics, she was also involved in the Student Ambassadors club, Beta Delta organization and AUBG Chess club. In addition, Venera was a work and study student for Panitza library throughout all four years she spent at AUBG. After completing her studies at AUBG she worked at Panitza library for a year as an administrative assistant.

Before starting to work for AUBG PR Office, Nikolaeva received a master’s degree in European Studies and International Relations from the Central European University in Budapest.

“I really want to work in Brussels in the future, but I am aware that some prior work experience will be required for that. So, when I heard about the opening at AUBG, I thought that this would be a really good starting point for me.”

Nikolaeva says that she likes her job at AUBG PR Office, because it is “intensive”, and “it helps to gain skills in different areas.” She says that as a work place, AUBG gives her an opportunity to apply what she learnt in class now in real life. Listen to Nikolaeva talk about her current work position in the video below:

Venera Nikolaeva is actually one of many AUBG alumni who returned to the university after graduation; but I will introduce others to you later, in my future posts. Now I would like to return back to where I started Nikolaeva’s story – AUBG Today magazine. the new issue, which came out in the beginning of October 2012, is focused on success stories of AUBG graduates and their lives after graduation in general. If you get a chance – check it out; not only it is interesting (well, and there are my stories in it too, remember :)), but also very inspiring.

This is it from me for now; thank you for reading my blog, and be back next week for a new post 😉

True success requires time and effort. The path may be full of twists and turns, but positive attitude and diligence is what it takes to reach a satisfying outcome. Currently a successful film director at Morning Glory Film, Ltd. in London, Ivailo Minov, started his path as he began his studies at AUBG back in 1997.

Minov was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, in 1978. He completed a major in Journalism & Mass Communications and worked as a journalist for a couple of years after his graduation, but as he recalls now, he always wanted to move to an arts-based profession.

“I truly discovered my love for the arts at AUBG, thanks mainly to the theatrical courses taught by Nedyalko Delchev,” Minov says, “I minored in Fine Arts, but in all honesty that was my true major program.”

One of the plays back from Ivailo’s times at AUBG. Ivailo is on the left.

Creating some of the More-Honors videos at AUBG was the start in filmmaking for Minov. Later, he was one of the creators of the independent theater troupe “Kunkurigashtite Pemperugi” consisting entirely of ex-AUBG students, who staged several plays around the country. That’s when he started to pursue his goal of becoming professionally involved in the art of film making.

In 2004 Minov started to work at MVM International, a film production company. There he had worked as a first and a second assistant director, a casting director, a production assistant and a locations manager on many TV commercial shoots.

Ivailo at a commercial shot.

In 2006 Minov was accepted to a one-year film making course at the London Film Academy. After graduating from LFA, Minov went back to MVM International, this time as an in-house director.  Today, as I’ve already mentioned above, Minov is a film director at Morning Glory Film, Ltd.

As for today, Minov remembers his AUBG years as some of the best years of his life.  “I remember the great atmosphere at Volga dormitory, all the theatre plays I took part in, the Underground nights, my trips to the USA on Work&Travel programs,” the young film director says, “To all current AUBG students: take your time finding who you are and what you want, stay positive, and always try to channel you energy towards the good things, whatever they might be for you.”

As I could not talk to Minov in person and take some photos myself, all of the pictures in this post are from his personal archive.

After hearing stories similar to Ivailo Minov’s, I am confused how come the most popular program of studies at AUBG is still Business Administration, when we have so many alumni who succeed in more artistic and aesthetic fields. Well, being a very creative and artistic person myself, I absolutely admire those people, and they are in a way my role models. And now I am sure confident that I made the right decision to complete a minor in Fine Arts (if there was a major in Arts I would definitely go for that) and to be involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible.

As performing acts is one of my big passions, I decided to attend one of the student-directed plays’ rehearsal, and was happy to see that many AUBGers are eager to act and perform. As we just started shooting videos in class and I had to include one in this post, I decided to film Nedyalko Delchev who was present at the rehearsal I went to. Delchev teaches all theatrical courses at AUBG, and he was one of the main inspirational figures for Ivailo Minov throughout his journey of becoming a film director.

Check out 20 seconds from a day of a play director below.

Thank you for reading my blog, this is it from me for now. More inspirational success stories to come next week!

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